Working Together to Achieve Better
Outcomes for Injured Employees

Getting an injured employee the proper medical treatment and back to work quickly is critical. Watch the video to learn how one customer, PDI, has benefited from our unique “back-in-business” workers compensation claim philosophy and claim services

BSIG…Your Back-in-Business Insurance Company®

Don’t Text and Drive!

Everyday in the U.S. More than nine people are killed and 1,000 are injured in crashes involving a distracted driver. Don’t be one of those numbers.

BSIG…Your Back-in-Business Insurance Company®

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Providing Prompt and Effective Medical Treatment

Responding quickly when an employee is injured on the job is critical to providing prompt and effective medical treatment. BSIG has partnered with MedCall, the nation’s largest emergency medical practice to provide our workers’ compensation policyholders access to our voluntary Tele-Emergent Medicine program.

BSIG…Your Back-in-Business Insurance Company®

BSIG Claims Service Commitment

  • 24/7/365 multi-platform claim reporting
  • Accelerated auto and property estimating and repair options
  • Fast Track medical only claims handling program
  • Tele-emergent medicine program-immediately connects injured workers to medical care, not triage
  • Return to work programs resulting in employees returning to work 42% quicker than the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG)
  • Immediately report auto losses, obtain photos, locate a body shop with just your policy number through our mobile auto app